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Stocking Stuffer

by | December 25, 2020

My hot girlfriend in a stolen bikini on Hollywood Blvd, and other Christmas favorites.

easy credit
Downtown LA, 1999
Nichelle Nichols
Nichelle Nichols, Hollywood & Vine, Christmas Eve 2020
pants and star of david
Pants & Star of David, Christmas in Highland Park, 2012
Deflated Santa
Deflated Santa, Highland Park, 2012
reindeer antlers
My hot girlfriend in a stolen bikini on Hollywood Blvd, Christmas Eve 2020
Ferret, Figueroa Ave, 2020
Griffith Park
Griffith Park, 2008
My Jewish Holidays
Christmas Eve at Ruben’s apartment, a gay Jewish fashion stylist in Hollywood, 1997
Christmas morning 1997
Christmas morning, Ruben’s apartment, Hollywood, 1997
Deflated Santa
Deflated Santa #2, Highland Park, 2012
tree with sock
Tree with sock, Santa Monica Blvd, 2008
Snowmen, Beverly Blvd 2008
Myriam Gurba
Myriam Gurba, Nachos, & Panini Sandwich, Christmas Eve 2020
Santa and Snowman
Santa and Snowman, Highland Park, 2012
Bikini w/ Anti-theft Device
Bikini w/ Anti-theft Device, Hollywood & Vine, 2020
Sign the Pledge
Sign the Pledge, Christmas, Highland Park, 2008

Geoff Cordner was raised in Libya, western Canada, and Egypt. Geoff attended university in Austin, TX. He later moved to Los Angeles, where he enthusiastically photo-documented the early ‘80s punk music scene for various punk zines. In 1988 he went to Milan, for an intended six months stay that lasted for six years. While in Milan Geoff worked first as a fashion model and then as a fashion photographer. Geoff has also designed album covers, rock ‘n’ roll posters, and advertisements, all lending themselves to his unique vision as a photographer.

On the genre of portraiture, bestselling author Jerry Stahl notes, “Beyond his technical mastery, Cordner’s particular genius is the way in which he inspires trust in his subjects, often those for whom all trust has been betrayed. Whether it’s a smacked-out teenaged neo-punk or a sloe-eyed Hollywood hustler, Cordner goes beneath the ink and attitude to the damaged soul within.”