Yvonne Su

Yvonne Su is a writer in southern California. She is the Arts & Culture editor of Mochi Magazine and contributor to LM Voices, as well as book advisor at LibroMobile. She also contributes to zines such as We Got Us with 714 Mutual Aid and LABAN Magazine with Bayanihan Kollective. She has a Global Studies degree from UCLA and teaching credential from CSU Fullerton. She studies transnational feminist organizing, youth political education, and diverse children's books.

Some Workplace Injuries are No Accident

by | April 8, 2021

In the past five months, incidents of women getting threatened, hurt, or killed at their American workplaces appeared on national news. On November 12, the NY Post outed a paramedic as a sex worker, resulting in a barrage of threats. The exposure also jeopardized her job. On January 6, we saw Congresswomen hide in their offices in lockdown while gallows were being erected for them outside their work building. On March 16, we learned that six women in Atlanta were killed when a mass shooter came into their place of work. It’s clear from these incidents that the prestige, location, or salary of a woman’s job has no bearing on how safe she is at work. When society normalizes gender-based violence in the home, it also normalizes gender-based violence in the workplace.

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