Marise Gaughan

Marise Gaughan is an Irish comedian and writer(ish) living in London. She has a weekly radio column on, a national radio show in Ireland, and has contributed to Hobart, and The Irish Times. Her debut book, a memoir chronicling her father's successful suicide attempt and her unsuccessful one, will be published in Spring 2022 by Octopus Publishing (UK).

I Know You Want It

by | June 11, 2021

I was embarrassed to admit I'd been sexually assaulted. It hadn’t really been anything, but it had been giving me nightmares, his lips forming the words, “Your mouth is saying no, but your body is saying yes.” I was someone who was very comfortable, very open, about her sexuality and having sex. Why would the way he acted make my skin crawl for so long after he did it?

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