Mariah Mickens

Mariah Mickens is a creative writer and independent filmmaker from Los Angeles California. As a recent University undergrad, Mickens is excited to continue her journey through artistic discovery, further crafting her audience, aesthetic and artistic purpose. Mickens uploads her short films to Vimeo and makes/sells art through Instagram. At the moment, she is working freelance and writing a feature film.

The Legacy of the 420 Nurse

by | January 4, 2022

Weed culture is fascinated with feminine eroticism. Sex sells and often goes hand in hand with drugs. This has harmed many women who work in the marijuana industry, where being sexually exploited is part of the job.

sexy girl with cannabis

Girl is Cool but Woman is Accurate

by | March 18, 2021

The word girl is cool, but woman is often more accurate. Though this problem might seem harmless, it isn’t. Referring to a girl as a woman is inappropriate because it assumes a sense of maturity that hasn’t yet developed. Referring to a woman as a girl disrespects us. It erases a woman’s maturity.