Jasmin Roberts

Crybabies and Sugardaddies (From The Impossible People)


Raffy’s was the bodega directly across the street from our Brooklyn apartment, and up through high school, I was certain that it had everything I could ever need in life, from candy and laundry starch to the latest neighborhood gossip. Raffy’s was where, on a Saturday afternoon, I heard that the Guyanese girl in 4C got pregnant.

African-American men play chess on a community chess table at Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta on October 8, 2016 in Atlanta, GA
On August 5, 2021

In Which a Black Pedestrian Redefines Violence


A young Black person is ticketed and almost arrested for jaywalking by a maskless cop who believes his helmet will protect him from covid-19. Meanwhile down the street, a white woman operates a dine-in restaurant against the law, with 22 citations from the city and gas bootlegged from a neighboring apartment building. Jasmin Roberts explores the highly uneven and racialized application of the law in Long Beach.

woman jaywalking
On April 1, 2021